This course deals with the key principles in Conflict Resolution and follows the learning outcomes in the UK Core Skills Training Framework.

Course Details

The course demonstrates how communication skills can be used to manage, de-escalate and resolve conflict. It includes factors that influence human responses when dealing with conflict and techniques in which to assess and reduce risks in conflict situations.

This Conflict resolution course is suitable for anyone wanting to develop their effectiveness in dealing with conflict and all people in a range of roles throughout all sectors including the public sector, voluntary sector, private sector and corporate sector.

Course Benefits

Quality - Renowned for providing high quality training
Value - Cost effective learning Reducing your overall training expenditure
Flexible - Offering blended and home based learning 24/7
Estimated online study time: approx. 35 - 45 minutes per course


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1 Licence - CRT NHS Protect Course
per user / year
1 Licence - All Courses
per user / year


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